When you think of the most comforting places in your home, the one’s where you probably spend the majority of your time, what do you think of? Is it relaxing on the couch, or maybe your favorite recliner? Even down to the nice carpet in your favorite home area. 

These upholstered pieces not only receive a lot of wear and tear, but they hold onto dirt and germs when they enter your home.

Now when was the last time you properly had your upholstery cleaned? If your answer is more than six months ago, your favorite upholstered space could quickly become a germ infestation filled with grime and bacteria.

At Zerorez Fredericksburg and Prince William County, we deep clean and sanitize your upholstery. Saving your favorite spaces from soiling, or holding germs and dirt. Which in effect, protects you and the health of your loved ones. 

What’s Hiding on Your Upholstery?

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Maybe you think your upholstery looks clean, but how clean is it really? If you think about everyone who has been in your home, you may second guess how clean it really is. From having guests, children, maybe you have house pets. 

There’s multiple carriers to possible dirt and germs being brought into your home and remaining on your upholstery. Properly removing and disinfecting these possible infectants is good for your health and protects the home surrounding you and loved ones.

Let’s go over what could potentially be hiding in your upholstery and possibly affecting your health.

Bacteria and Germs

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Thriving in cloth spaces such as upholstery, bacteria and allergens are invisible, but hazardous to your health. Some of the most common forms of bacteria found in upholstery include the following:

  • E. Coli- Transferred through fecal matter, this bacteria can be transferred onto upholstery such as carpet, or couches. Easily transferable by pets, toilets, or tracked from outside.
  • Staph- Staph is a bacteria that can spread on upholstery through blood, dead skin, dirty hands/fingernails, or even mucus (sneezing).
  • Salmonella- Infants and young people are most susceptible to sickness from salmonella infection. It can also be transferred onto upholstery from outdoors, animals, or people. The most common carrier is contaminated food.
  • Pseudomonas- Possibly the most common of bacterias. It can be found in soil, water and plants.

Finding home and environmentally safe cleaning methods to remove bacteria and dirt is what Zerorez does best.

Discover our patented process of cleaning upholstery without the use of harmful cleaning agents.

Dirt Covered Surfaces and Stains

The appearance of the upholstery in your home is probably what you notice first. Whether it’s just everyday dirt and grime, or spills and unwanted liquids leaving stains. 

Most upholstery stains, if left uncleaned, will penetrate the fibers and become permanent.

Whether it’s from food spills, pet accidents, or other unwanted spills, at Zerorez we specialize in our own cleaning technology that can remove surface stains and dirt. 

Along with disinfecting your upholstery and protecting your health from potential illness embedded in your home.

With our own patented cleaning technology, we’ve created the perfect system for removing surface stains, dirt and germs.

How Zerorez Cleans Upholstery

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Powered Water Technology

Powered Water™ is simply just electrolyzed water that is non-toxic and safe for the whole family. With Zerorez’s patented Powered Water Technology, we apply a low-pressure cleaning system that gently removes any dirt and debris. Loosening them with water and stripping the debris from your upholstery.

For more explanation into this technology, feel free to watch our short informative video on Powered Water here.

No Soaps or Detergents

This patented Zerorez process is safe and effective on all kinds of upholstery, while restoring your upholstery’s appearance to “like new” condition, being non-toxic, leaving zero chemical residue, and zero exposure to harmful cleaning agents.

Drying much quicker and leaving little chance of future buildup, because no sticky residue means no film for them to hold onto! Protecting your upholstery from hoarding dirt or germs and creating a good environment for your health.

Spots Won’t Return

We’ve created the perfect upholstery cleaning process. Removing dirt and germs, while simultaneously preventing further soiling or stains. Helping to protect your furniture for longer and extending it’s lifespan. 

While spending more time at home, you should take the time to deep clean the upholstered areas you’ve been neglecting. Before now, you may not have known the potentially hazardous particles that have been living in your home. 

Regularly having them professionally cleaned by Zerorez will not only save your furniture over time, but it’s preventive and good for your health.

Advantages of Zerorez Upholstery Cleaning

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Providing multiple upholstery cleaning advantages near you. Not only is our patented cleaning system safe on all kinds of upholstery, including the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics. Our cleaning system also restores your upholsteries appearance to “like-new”.

Using a non-toxic, no chemical cleaning system, we at Zerorez improve the health of your home and create a safely clean environment. There’s no exposure for anyone, or any in home pets to harmful cleaning agents.

At, Fredericksburg & Prince William County Zerorez, no one professionally cleans upholstery like we do!

Upholstery Cleaning Near You

If you’re looking for an upholstery cleaning service near Fredericksburg and Prince William County, you won’t find anyone more qualified than Zerorez. 

Removing a wide range of dirt, bacteria and surface stains. The process couldn’t be more effective. From drying time, to preventing future soiling of your upholstery. Cleaning your upholstery is good for your health and for your home.

Don’t further allow your upholstery to hold dirt and harmful bacteria that eventually may harm your health. Let us protect your home and restore the appearance of your furniture because no one cleans like we do.

To learn more about our patented upholstery cleaning technology at Zerorez, visit our website

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