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Your Go-To Partner for Hardwood Floor Services

If your hardwood floors need a facelift, the professionals at Zerorez® Fredericksburg can help. We offer a cleaning and preservation finish that reveals your hardwood floors’ rich, natural character in just a few hours. With our services, you get quick and efficient results. We do all of this without leaving dust or residue behind. When you choose us for hardwood floor services, you can rest assured that your floors’ luxurious finish will be restored with our premier cleaning, polishing, and preservation process. With professional assistance to maintain and preserve them, your hardwood floors can last for multiple generations. Our approach does not affect the wood’s color or integrity, does not create airborne dust, is entirely green, and only takes a few hours to complete.

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Our Process Is Safe, Quick, & Dust-Free

Our state-of-the-art hardwood floor cleaning and polishing process deep cleans your floors and applies a preservation finish that will maintain the integrity of your original finish. This process removes stubborn soil and grit. Your renewed floor will be ready for use in a matter of hours, with no messy sanding and zero inconveniences. To seal the deal, we’ll apply one to two coats of high-quality, long-lasting, water-based polyurethane, which will preserve the wood’s natural beauty. Our preservation finish comes in either gloss or satin. Most original finishes are satin. We recommend you stay with the satin as it is less likely to show scuffs and micro scratches as it wears. However, if you like gloss more, we are happy to accommodate.

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What About Scratches & Dents?

With a sanding or screening process where the finish is removed along with some of the wood’s surface, the scratches and dents will also be removed. This can often be a messy, time-consuming, expensive process. As a result, and because the vast majority of hardwood floors only suffer mild scratching along with typical wear and tear, Zerorez® Fredericksburg won’t remove any intact, original finish or wood. We will, however, greatly enhance the look of your hardwood floors. Micro-scratches will be filled, heavier scratches will be coated over, and dents will become less visible. We’ll restore your hardwood flooring to its natural luster without creating a sandstorm in your home. Our dust-free process is green and hygienic. We’ll finish with water-based polyurethane to seal in the look and give your floors protection that lasts.

Choose Us for Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Zerorez® Fredericksburg delivers the area’s quickest, most efficient hardwood floor cleaning and polishing services. Resurfacing your hardwood floors should not take over your life. We use powerful stand-alone cleaning units and the latest resurfacing processes to cut down on time and hassle. You can even walk on your newly-restored floors the same day we service them. Call today to learn more.

A Clean Home Is a Healthy Home™