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A Clean Carpet Is the First Step to a Clean Home

Zerorez® Fredericksburg has satisfied the carpet-cleaning needs of Fredericksburg, VA residents for years. If you’re a Fredericksburg homeowner who’s been having difficulty keeping your carpet clean, we can help. We will expertly rid your carpet of stains, smells, and germs. If it doesn’t belong in your carpet, it won’t be in your carpet when we leave. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we ensure that no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water are left behind – as these substances can make things worse for your carpet.

zerorez technology in truck

Our Premier Carpet Cleaning Technology

At Zerorez® Fredericksburg , we don’t use soaps, harsh detergents, or shampoos to clean your carpet. Instead, we use a three-step process and state-of-the-art technology. Our three-step process includes the zrlifter®, the zr wand™, and Powered Water®. Below, we’ve gone into more detail about the patented technology we use to perform our premier carpet cleaning services.

zr lifter®

This agitation tool uses counter-rotating brushes to dislodge hair, dead skin, allergens, and deeply-embedded dirt from carpet fibers.

zr wand™

This premier tool rinses carpet fibers without flooding the carpet’s backing and pad. All the water used is recovered, resulting in a more thorough clean and reduced drying times.

zr water®

This electrolyzed cleaning fluid acts as a detergent by breaking down oils and soils in the carpet without leaving a harmful chemical residue.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Ensure Long-Lasting Results

Our standard cleaning procedure includes pre-treatment, scrubbing carpet fibers, and thoroughly cleaning your carpet using truck-mounted equipment. Here is what you can expect to receive with a routine carpet cleaning from the Zerorez® Fredericksburg professionals:


We use a citrus-based product to help break up dirt, oils, and other residues.

zr lifter® Service

We use the zr lifter®, a counter-rotating brush machine that helps lifts your carpet, fluffs the fibers, and further breaks up dirt and oils in preparation for extraction.


We use the zr wand™ and Powered Water® to extract dirt and oils from your carpet. As your carpet dries, Powered Water® evaporates, and nothing is left behind.

gotta love it guarantee logo

No Hassle Guarantee

Zerorez® wants to put you at ease. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee results. We offer a thirty-day “Gotta Love It” guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, we’ll come back to fix the problem for free!

seal of approval


Platinum Rating

Zerorez® has been given the Platinum Rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute for achieving the highest rating of soil removal possible.

wine spill on carpet

Why Zerorez® Fredericksburg for Carpet Cleaning?

Zerorez® Fredericksburg is committed to exceeding our valued clients’ carpet cleaning needs. We offer the highest-quality carpet cleaning services for homes and offices, and our patented cleaning process can’t be beaten. Whether you have a home filled with furry friends or an office where the carpet has experienced significant wear and tear, we can help. Pets can cause unwanted aromas and leave excess hair in an otherwise clean carpet, and deep stains on the carpet can ruin a room’s look. We use a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that destroys unpleasant smells instead of hiding them. We also offer a permanent answer to deep stains, so you never have to settle for only temporary relief.

Contact Us Today

No matter what your carpet cleaning problems are, Zerorez® Fredericksburg has a solution. Choose us for carpet cleaning, and you’ll love the results. Call today for more information.

A Clean Home Is a Healthy Home™