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A road through beautiful forest

Located between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Potomac River, Loudoun County, Virginia, is full of attractions and beauty that will keep you entertained for months.

From the bike trail to the ale trail, to scenic vineyard views and historic small towns discover how Loudoun is a must-visit destination for lovers of artisanal, epicurean, and culturally rich experiences. Located in Northern Virginia just 25 miles outside Washington D.C., Loudoun County has attractions for outdoor enthusiasts, wine aficionados, foodies, beer, and history buffs alike.

Immerse Yourself in the Incredible Landscapes of Loudoun County

Loudoun County is a great place to be and there are lots to do. Be amazed by its wine cellars, its historic sites, and its museums. Famous for its tours, its gardens, and its camping areas, this city has a picturesque atmosphere that will fascinate you. After you are done exploring the great landscape that surrounds you, you can return home and be welcomed by your fresh clean carpets cleaned by Zerorez® Fredericksburg.

A Look at the Natural Scenes of Loudoun County

Loudoun County will put you in touch with nature, regardless of whether you like outdoor activities or just want to see the landscape. Below you will find only some of the most charming natural sites in the area.

Loudoun County: Wine and Tourism Area Along Brewing Routes

This fantastic culinary destination of the East Coast and wine region of the first level is known as Washington DC’s Wine Country. The Loudoun Wine Country is home to more than 40 wineries, located along winding roads in the middle of horse farms and historic haciendas. These exclusive wineries have attractive tasting rooms anywhere from rustic barns to architectural wonders. Prepare for intimate tastings, informative tours, creative gastronomic combinations, and lively conversations with award-winning winemakers. You can also visit the cider breweries and wineries.

Visiting the Historical Civil War Sites

In addition to artisanal beverages, Loudoun County boasts historic Civil War sites, horseback riding, farm-to-table cuisine and charming towns like Middleburg, in the center of the hunting region, and thriving centers like Leesburg, the county capital. Continue your road trip; Staunton is your next stop.

Exploring the Return of a Classic: Cider

The other element in the drinks scene in Loudoun County is cider. Defiance Cidery and Distillery, located in historic Middleburg, produces artisanal ciders that range from traditional dried cider hacienda mixes to innovative preparations with ginger, honey, and blueberries.

Recently, Corcoran Vineyards also launched a cider line. Corcoran’s Knot Head are all locally grown and is a blend of seven apple varieties. The mixture is partially aged in bourbon barrels to give it a flavor that evokes bitter whiskey.

Having a nice time in some remarkable places Loudoun County with your loved ones

Do you want to see where to tour during your stay in Loudoun County? Below you will find some of the main tourist attractions to visit in this city.

  • Stone Tower wine cellar
  • Westpark Golf Club
  • Doukenie Winery
  • Chrysalis Vineyards Winery
  • Bluemont Vineyard
  • Breaux Vineyards Winery
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