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Sparkling Tile

Tile can be gross. Tile can be dirty.

Tile can look gross and dirty even after you sweep.

And mop. And sweep. And mop.

And you continue that cycle over and over again.

So obviously just sweeping and mopping your tile isn’t doing the trick for having sparkling tile.

What Is the Solution?

The solution is Zerorez® Fredericksburg for your tile cleaning.

We’ve all been there! When we spend our precious time cleaning the tile and we still are left with kind of clean tile and black grout.

We already spend enough time keeping other parts of our home clean so are we honestly expected to get a toothbrush and scrub the grout ourselves–no way!

That is why you need to call Zerorez® Fredericksburg for your tile cleaning in the Fredericksburg.

We have the technology and tools to clean your tile, restore your grout to its natural color, and leave you happy.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Tile Cleaning?

Traditional tile cleaning doesn’t do as much as we want it to and it definitely isn’t doing as much as we think it is.

Often times, more germs are spread in the process rather than destroying them.

Sadly, traditional mopping and tile cleaning only cleans up about 40 percent of the dirt and grime on your floor.

That leaves 60 percent of the dirt and grime left on your floor! Gross!

That means that all of the time and energy you spend on pushing the mop around, wringing it out, and completing the process all over again isn’t doing as much as you wish it was.

In fact, all of your hard work is just spreading around the dirt and helping it latch on to the surface of your tile and the grout.

The other 60 percent of dirt and grime that is left over after you’ve worked so hard on cleaning your floors continues to build up cleaning after cleaning.

Some of the grime stays on the surface of the tile and build-ups.

All of the other grime makes its way to your grout and tries to stay there for good.

Not only will it stay there for good, but it will also begin to collect other pieces of dirt and soil and make your grout look dirtier and dirtier.

There is only one solution to clearing out that dirt and grime from your grout and that solution is Zerorez® Fredericksburg for your tile cleaning.

What Makes Zerorez® Fredericksburg So Special?

We’ve explained that Zerorez® Fredericksburg is your solution to cleaning up those dirty tile floors, but what makes Zerorez® Fredericksburg so special?

The Zerorez® Fredericksburg patented cleaning system uses zr water® at a high, but safe, the pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your grout.

Our Zero Residue® technology will remove soil build-up in the blackened grout, bringing your tile and stone to a “like new” appearance.

When floors are Zerorezified® and then sealed with our proprietary surface sealer there is an invisible barrier created that can block stain penetrations and leave your floors easier to clean and maintain.

This treatment is why you will always keep coming back to Zerorez® Fredericksburg.

Grout is porous and will easily absorb spills, liquids, etc. These spills, when they are stuck in the grout will cause permanent discolorations.

But the Patented Zerorez® Fredericksburg Grout Sealer will seal up your grouts and prevent discoloration.

It also has UV protection. This protects the color in the grout so it won’t fade.

There are no soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals used in our cleaning process, so you can count on a more smooth and hygienic surface that is safe for all members of the family.

Our Beyond Green™ technology protects your home and the environment!

How Often Should I Clean My Tile From Zerorez® Fredericksburg?

Everyone would love it if our Zerorez® Fredericksburg professionals could come and clean your tile every week to keep it looking new and fresh.

But, the great thing about Zerorez® Fredericksburg is that the technology used makes it that you can still keep your tile and stone looking clean even without a weekly visit from us.

We suggest that you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year.

How Do I Clean My Tile In Between Visits?

In between those visits, we suggest you mop your floors with warm water only.

No soaps or detergents!

We know how tempting it is to use soap or detergent on your floors.

Everyone loves the clean scent wafting through the house. It makes you feel like your house is actually clean.

But, trust us! Warm water and a mop is the best solution for your floors in between visits.

This will keep your floors looking clean until your next scheduled tile cleaning with Zerorez® Fredericksburg.

Schedule Today

Go ahead and give us a call so we can get your tile into tip-top shape!

Our Zerorez® Fredericksburg tile cleaning technicians are specially trained to ensure your tile is sparkling clean by the time they are done.