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Black Wooden Piano in living room

We’ve all been there. When you’re walking through the living room, catch your foot on the pile of toys and spill your wine just as you are trying to relax for the night. Or when your child decides that playing with lime green playdough on the white carpet is a great idea.

No matter the stain, it’s a nuisance. Whether it’s from your own clumsiness or from no fault of your own, carpet stains can be a real headache. No one likes those stains to be sitting around on your carpet.

Not only do carpet stains make your carpet look a bit dingy, but they are also harder to clean up the longer they sit there.

To make your home look revitalized and clean, it is also important to remove stains from carpets. That’s easy to say, but how do you actually do it? Removing carpet stains is not an easy task.

Usually, carpet stains are embedded into the carpet fibers and it takes a lot more than just a wet rag to get rid of that stain. Below you will find 3 tips that can help you get rid of your carpet stains.

Cleaning Tests

In the case of textiles, the first general advice to clean carpet stains is to test the product that is to be used on a small and hidden area of the surface. A cleaning test will ensure that your carpet will still be the same color it was designed to be.

Often times, when you use cleaning products that you are not familiar with, your carpet suddenly becomes a mess of polka dots. The discoloration will cover your carpet leading to a Twister board right in your living room.

As fun as Twister is, most people don’t want that for their living room carpet. Once you have completed the color test in a hidden or unnoticeable area, go ahead and apply the cleaner.

When using the cleaner, be sure to follow the manufactures instructions. Some products can be applied directly to the carpet.

Others need to be sprayed on and left to soak. Others will create discolorations if left on the carpet for too long. Following the instructions exactly will help you prevent any surprises in the carpet and will also help your carpet look the best possible.

Once you have performed the cleaning test and read all of the instructions on the cleaner, you can start applying the cleaner to get our carpet stains. Apply the product with a clean cloth and rub lightly in a circular motion.

Oily-Type Spots

OIl carpet stains tend to pop out of nowhere and no one ever seems to know where they come from. Some may say it’s from the slice of pizza that was dropped on the carpet last week or from the popcorn that was tipped over.

Whatever caused the stain, it needs to be resolved and oily carpet stains can be a pain to resolve! This annoying type of stain is a very common carpet stain and takes a few processes to get it out of the carpet.

Usually, the best way to get rid of these stains is to use a professional, like Zerorez® Fredericksburg. But if you choose to tackle the issue on your own, talcum powder is a home remedy that has proven to be successful.

This product has a great absorption capacity so it will be very useful when cleaning oil carpet stains.

In order to get the carpet stains out, you must remove the excess oil in the carpet stain. You can do this by apply pressure on the stain with a cloth.

Once you have done that, pour and spread the talcum powder all over the surface of the stain. Once you have covered the carpet stain completely, leave the powder on for at least 24 hours. Then remove the powder and your stain will have disappeared!

And For Very Dirty Carpets…

One of the most effective methods for especially dirty carpets is to get a professional carpet cleaning from Zerorez® Fredericksburg.

There are a lot of DIY tricks out there for cleaning carpets, but oftentimes, the best way to remove your carpet stains is by someone that knows how to clean carpets and how to remove the carpet stains in your carpets.

Zerorez® Fredericksburg has well trained and well-informed technicians who are here to make sure your carpet looks brand new! Cleaning your carpet with the Zerorez® Fredericksburg Cleaning Process results in a safe, long-lasting, and effectively clean and leaves your carpet soft and residue free®.

Many DIY methods can’t claim that! Here at Zerorez® Fredericksburg , we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t use harsh chemicals. That means that not only are your carpets getting taken care of better, but also, you, your family, and your pets are not living in a chemical-filled place. Another advantage of Zerorez® Fredericksburg’s cleaning process is that your carpets will stay cleaner, longer.

Other traditional carpet cleaning methods use large amounts of chemicals and don’t do their best to remove all of the chemicals from the carpet. When the chemical residue is left in the carpet, it acts as a magnet and starts attracting dirt, dust, and grime. This will make your carpets dirtier, faster. Luckily, Zerorez® Fredericksburg does not let chemicals linger in your carpets.

In order to get all of your stains out of your carpet and to have carpet that smells and looks fresh, give Zerorez® Fredericksburg a call. We are your specialists to remove any carpet stains that you encounter.